Quality policy

The company HORI-HORI was created in 1991 with the aim of offering professional services related to the Basque language. In fact, the company offers various services in this field: translations, proofreading, linguistic consultancy, preparation of reports, interpretating, etc. To ensure that these services are always provided with the proper quality (in accordance with the provisions of ISO Standard 9001), the company has established a set of standards:

  • Services are carried out by professionals in each field, i.e. members of staff have the necessary experience and knowledge.
  • We make every effort to deliver the service before the agreed deadline, while maintaining the quality necessary, in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Our relationship with the customer is very close, so we can take their needs into account as they arise. Thanks to this closeness, we are able to sort out all details as appropriate.
  • Our closeness to our customers means that we know how satisfied they are and what can be improved.
  • We always use quality control resources in our services to deliver the highest quality product to our customers.
  • The company knows about and applies the newest technological resources, so members of staff continuously receive improvement training.
  • Procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate.
  • The entire workforce knows the level of quality required by the company, but they also provide input with a view to improving it.
  • The management runs the Quality Management System to look after customers and continuously improve services.
  • The management ensures compliance with the Quality Policy

Quality is not only a concept at Hori-Hori, it is understood as an essential step in all of the services offered.