Other services

HORI-HORI SA also offers other services related to languages, particularly Basque, such as:

  • Design and organisation of exhibition areas and content management.
  • Measuring of and reports on the use of Basque.
  • Event management (seminars, symposiums, presentations, etc.).
  • Correction


Standardisation and quality must be assured in the use of all languages. Texts need to undergo at least one proof-reading to assure their quality.

Proof-reading has always been closely linked to translation, as an essential step that must be taken before a translation can be considered as finally completed, and sometimes there is simply a need to have someone check through a text in a particular language. At HORI-HORI SA we have been handling both these tasks for many years as the last stage prior to delivering jobs, and we do so with rigour and using the latest rules and standards.

To date we have worked mainly on texts in Spanish, unified Basque and the Bizkaia dialect of Basque.