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This section includes information on the terms & conditions for accessing and using this website which the user needs to know, pursuant to Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

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By using this website, you become a USER and accept the terms and conditions of this Legal Disclaimer. Users should read these conditions each time they access this website, as they may be amended subsequently. Given the specific nature of this website, some aspects may be subject to specific conditions and rules, which may replace, complement or modify this Legal Disclaimer. They must therefore also be accepted by users using or accessing them.


All contents of this website (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audio-visual or sound contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as any brands and other distinctive signs are the property of HORI-HORI SA or third parties. Users acquire no rights merely by using this website.

Users must refrain from: a) reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to third parties, publicly communicating, transforming or altering the contents of this website, except in those cases provided for in law or expressly authorised by HORI-HORI SA or by the holder of these rights; b) reproducing or copying the software, images, videos or databases found on this website for private use, or communicating them publicly or making them available to third parties when such action involves their reproduction; c) making extracts or re-using the contents of this website.

Users wishing to introduce links to this website from their own websites must fulfil the following conditions:

a) the link must only provide a link to the home page, which may not be reproduced in any form

b) no frames of any kind may be created surrounding the web page or enabling it to be viewed from different Internet addresses or in conjunction with contents external to this website, in such a way that they cause, or might cause, error or confusion amongst users regarding the origin of the service or its contents; involve an act of false comparison or imitation; serve to take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of HORI-HORI SA or by any other means prohibited by law

c) no type of false or inaccurate statement regarding HORI-HORI SA or the quality of its products and services may be made from the webpage on which the link appears

d) the poster of the link may not use the brand or any other distinctive sign of HORI-HORI SA on its web-page, except in such cases as are authorised by law or explicitly permitted by HORI-HORI SA

e) the page containing the link must comply with current law and may not contain or provide links to unlawful or harmful content, or to content that contravenes accepted principles of morality and good custom; that causes or might cause the false idea that HORI-HORI SA endorses or supports the ideas, declarations or actions of the poster of the link; or which is improper with regard to the activity performed by HORI-HORI SA, taking into account the contents and general subject matter of the website on which the link is posted


HORI-HORI SA may not be held liable for checking that this website is free from malicious programming (malware) or any other harmful informatic element. In all cases, it shall be the responsibility of the user to have suitable tools for detecting and disinfecting his or her computer of such elements. HORI-HORI SA therefore accepts no liability for any damage caused to computer equipment during access to this website. Likewise, HORI-HORI SA shall accept no liability for any damage caused to users by faults or disconnections in telecommunications networks that may interrupt service from this website.

All the content of this website, including but not limited to all texts, documents, photographs, sketches, images, icons, graphic representations, audio and audio-visual content, plus the graphic design and source code, brands, trade names and other distinctive signs, are the sole property of HORI-HORI SA or are lawfully held under third-party licences by same and are protected under industrial and intellectual property legislation.

Access by users to the content of the website does not entail any right of ownership to same.

All exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public broadcasting, assignment, processing or dissemination in any other form of the information and elements contained in the website covered here in any medium and on any data carrier is strictly forbidden unless express prior authorisation is obtained. The content of this website may be downloaded to the terminal of the user only for private, non-commercial use.

Any infringement of the provisions indicated may be deemed to be a breach of these terms and conditions and/or of industrial and intellectual property legislation. HORI-HORI SA reserves the right to take such legal action as may be available to it against users who breach or infringe the intellectual and/or industrial property rights pertaining to this website and the information and content hereon.


This website may include links enabling the user to access other Internet websites. In such cases, HORI-HORI SA shall be liable for the contents and services provided through the links only insofar as it is aware of their unlawfulness and has failed diligently to disable them. Should any user consider that a link exists to unlawful or inappropriate contents, they may inform HORI-HORI SA of same. This shall not imply that the latter is thereby obliged to remove the corresponding link. HORI-HORI SA does not always know the content or services of the links and therefore shall not be held liable for any damages arising from their lack of quality, lack of updating, non-availability, error, non-usability or unlawfulness and shall not be held liable for any declarations made or for the contents or services provided through said links, unless it is directly responsible for the provision of said services.

The user undertakes to make proper use of this website in compliance with law and in accordance with this Legal Disclaimer and with all other conditions, regulations and instructions which might be applicable. The user shall be liable to HORI-HORI SA and to third parties for any damage or prejudicial consequences that might arise from his/her failure to comply with these obligations.


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