Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your PC, mobile phone or other device with information on your browsing of the site. Cookies are necessary to enable browsing and make it more user-friendly.

This policy uses the general term “cookie”, as cookies are the main method for storing information used by this website, but the “local storage” space on the browser is also used for the same purposes. All the information given here therefore also applies to “local storage”.

What are cookies used for on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. Their main purpose is to enhance your browsing experience. For instance they are used to remember your preferences during browsing and for future visits.

The data collected by cookies also enables us to improve the site by drawing up estimates of user numbers and patterns of use, adapting the site to the interests of individual users, speeding up searches, etc.

Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in cookies on our website is used only by us, except for the cookies identified below as “third-party cookies”, which are used and managed by external organisations to provide us with services requested by ourselves to improve our services and the user experience when browsing our website.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this website?

If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this site, taking into account the restrictions indicated above, you must first disable cookies on your browser and then erase the cookies already saved on your browser associated with this site.

You can disable cookies at any time.

How do I change the Cookies Policy?

You can change your preferences in regard to analytics cookies using the enable/disable options. Users can permit or block cookies and delete their browser data (including cookies) from their browsers. Depending on which browser you use, you will need to visit these websites: